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Malagasy Senators pay respect to genocide Victims at Gisozi

On Sunday 22nd December 2019, Senators from Madagascar’s Senate visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and the Museum of the Campaign against Genocide located in Rwanda’s parliamentary building in Kimihurura.

Senator Abdirassoul Mohamed Mourad, Malagasy senate’s quaestor who leads the team of five that is in Rwanda for a study tour, together with his team visited different parts of the Kigali Genocide memorial Centre in Gisozi. They got explanations on the history of how Rwandans were united and how the colonizers divided them by transforming the social classes into ethnic groups and showed some of them that they had been oppressed by the others, thus urging them to liberate themselves from that oppression, which created hatred among them and culminated into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, which claimed more than one million lives.

Senator Abdirassoul said “We have all been moved by what was perpetrated against Rwandans in just 100 days; I firstly think about the role played by your president Paul Kagame in stopping the Genocide who brought the force together to chase the country’s enemy. I think that this is a miracle you can find anywhere else.

 I also have seen how more than one million people were killed in the genocide against the Tutsi, i think i have not seen that anywhere in the world; may be it was heard in the holocaust where there are slight similarities.  Rwandans must live in in harmony, look over the history and work together to build the country for future generations”.

 He further added that “I think that you will achieve it because you have the will;you have a special president that you can’t find anywhere. The objective of our visit here in Rwanda is that we want to acquire expertise and experience you had in the country’s life, on people’s financial development and we have taken photos and videos that we will use when back home; we will show them to the citizens of Madagascar”.

 We cannot forget that we have ethnic groups in our country, I myself, I realize the challenges this pose be it in the way some are marginalized. I believe that this visit in Rwanda we help us as citizens of Madagascar”.

 He thanked Rwanda’s Senate for warmly welcoming them and facilitation to visit different places and all others who accompanied them. They pledged to come back to strengthen bilateral ties.