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CNLG urged secondary school leavers to fight genocide ideology

In efforts to stamp out genocide ideology, the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) gives lectures to people in various categories to urge them to take part in the fight.

It is in this perspective that on Sunday 29th December 2019, coordinators of the CNLG in Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe, Rubavu and Nyabihu, Musanze and Burera Districts gave lectures to students who recently completed secondary school, who are now on a civil education camp known as Itorero in order to urge them to play active role in the fight against genocide ideology.

During the lectures, they got explanations on how before the advent of colonialists Rwandans used to be characterized by unity founded on inclusive Rwandan identity. They were eager on Rwandan identity and on expanding Rwanda in unity found on one vision, one belief and common values of kindness, bravura and helping each other.

They also got  clarifications on how values of the Rwandan culture and the National Itorero, which was the country’s education platform, were destroyed by colonialists who destroyed the country’s administrative systeme that was founded on the  king and the belief that was founded on the God of Rwanda (Imana y’i Rwanda ) and substituted related values with dogmas of their religion whereas the taboos  within the Rwandan culture were estimated irrelevant through the aid of catholic missionaries, especially the “White Fathers”.

It was also a chance for them to understand how the regimes that took power in the aftermath of the country’s independence continued in the line of the discriminatory policy instigated by the colonialists. This led to the fact that during the first and the second Republics the Tutsi were constantly persecuted, marginalized in schools, public service and other aspects of country’s life ;and even killed until the 1994 Genocide that claimed over one million victims in only a 100 days span.

Thereafter, they get explanations on what the genocide ideology is, how it is punished by the laws and are urged on fighting it.

After the lecture, they  were given time to ask question so they could better understand the history of the genocide against the Tutsi and their role in combatting its ideology