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Gisagara: decent burial of 26 bodies of victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi

On Saturday 4th September, in Kansi Sector, Gisagara District, 26 bodies of the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi recovered in different parts of Kansi Sector were accorded decent burial.

 Ingabire Françoise  who spoke on behalf of the families that accorded decent burial to theirs on this day, she also survived to the genocide in Kansi, condemned some of the genocide survivors who turned into its deniers and minimizers.

The representative of IBUKA in Gisagara District thanked the current good leadership that established the time to accord decent burial to the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi and give them back the dignity they were deprived off by the killers.

He also thanked former RPF-Inkotanyi soldiers who stopped the genocide and allowed them to survive.

Jean Paul Habineza, the vice mayor in charge of economic development in Gisagara said that when according decent burial to the victims it is necessary to reflect on the bad regime that plotted to exterminate part of its citizens instead of protecting them, and also an occasion to support the unity and reconciliation.

 He urged those who may have information about where bodies of genocide victims may have been thrown to provide it so that the bodies are accorded decent burial.